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In bungalow side Ashram Established in 1977 in railway settlement Area and performed a lot of Spiritual & Social Activities, such as (A) meditation, workship of Lord Dattatreya and Lord Shiva Self- Realisation Saint Seva (B) Medical Camps, Scouts & Guides Camps, (C) Assistance for education to poor children (D) Relief to Kargil fund Jawans,Relief to Supper Cyclone Orissa, Aaila in sundarban area in West Bengal, flood relief to affected people in Midnapore District, time to time feeding & clothing's to poor Adivasis (Tribals) etc.& Saint Bhandara.
In Branch Ashram at Sannyasir Maath,
Kousalya, Kharagpur, Dist- Paschim Midnapur West Bengal            
Area of the Ashram :- 93 decimal 
Mouza  : Sanjoal, at Kousalya about 1000 ft., distance from  DHMS college. A portion of land donated by a devotee rest purchased.
Our Next Programme (Stage By Stage)
  1. Construction of a school building for downtrodden poor Children & Tribal's.
  2. Construction of a 3 stored meditation Hall-cum- Temple cum-Spiritual Preaching Hall 60' x 36' +21 = 81 ft." Long.
  3. A pond measuring 105' x 50' for drinking water provision for thousands of domestic Animals & Cattle's of the local area.
  4. Creating pollution free zone & Alertness about Environment & Global warming.
  5. Developing humanity, Love & Character building amongent people in our old Ancient Vedic system of Indian sanatan (Hindu) Culture.
  6. Construction of 4 rooms for residents of the Ashram & 4 rooms for Saints & Guests.
  7. Boundary wall a rounding ashram about 830' long.
  8. Road from DHMS College to Ashram about 1000'.
Item '3' already completed (POND)
Item '4' Completed with plantation & Green
Item '7' Completed 184' Boundary wall out of 830'
N.B :  Our Vision and thought is very high all these constructive works done by depending on donations & help by devotees and disciples only we have no money to develop further.
Anyone may join us with free hands to go ahead to fulfill our Charitable Ideal Motto.
The Name of the Ashram is given in memory of our beloved guru or religious master His Holiness 1008 Brahmalin paramhans paribrakacharya Srimahant Haradattatreyanand Giri Maharaj Whose ABIRBHAB Tithi on Janmastami (appeared) in 1887 & Tirobhab (Disappeared) on 20th October 1986.