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Lord Dattatreya

According to ancient Sanatan Culture, we have already passed 3 Yugs (Ages) in the Ancient time of Satyayug (First Age) Bhagwan Dattatreya Born in Matapur/Gangapur in the Boarder area of Maharastra and Karnataka. In India according to Hindu Mythology and in Purans i.e. (i) Brahamand Puran, (ii) Kurmapuran, (iii) Vayu Puran, (iv) Bishnu puran, (v) Markendeyo Puran, (vi) Dharma Puran, (vii) Padma Puran, and also in so many other literature, and ancient authentic history,it is elaborately described that Bhagwan Dattatreya used to live as Avdhut and written a spiritual book on Adwaitbad in Sanskrit (Avdhut Gita) which enlightened the entire Dashnami Sannyasi of Jagat Guru Adi Shankaracharya cult and worshiped as Bhagwan Dattatreya Avdhut. The people of Maharashtra,Karnataka, Andhrapradesh and large portion of Gujrat. Rajasthan, Punjab, Hariyana, Uttranchal and Utter Pradesh also worshiped as Bhagwan Dattatreya.
 Bhagwan Dattatreya is the incarnation of Lord Bishnu and the son of Aatri Rishi.Aatri Rishi is the Mansputra of Brahama, Brahma created seven Rishis called Saptarishi (1) Aatririshi, (2) Pulastha, (3) Pulaha, (4) Marichi, (5) Vaisistha, (6) Kratu, (7) Bhrigu. In Europe it is called the Great Bear in the Sky.
       The First Ideal Virgin Women of the Universe is called Sati (Virgin) Anusuya, or Mata Anusuya, Bhagwan Dattatreya is the third son of Mata Anusuya, who born with the combined blessings of Brahama, Bishnu and Maheswar (Shiv). His holy body looks like Saptik (Pure White), and bhagwan Dattatreya is a Great  Yogi of India, in Ancient Times.
       There are four Age (Youg) called Satyayoug, Tretayoug, Dwaparyoug. Now Running Kaliyoug. In Satyayoug there are the Avatar (incarnation) as Narshing bhagwan. In Tretayoug Bhagwan Ram, and in Dwaparyoug Bhagwan Krishna. The period of Dwaparyoug ended Five Thousand years passed.So the Satyug were more than some Thousands years passed. In the ancient time of Satyayoug (1st Ages) Bhagwan Dattaterya is to lived as Awdhut an incarnation of Lord Bishnu and an assembly of Bramha, Bishnu and Maheswar with their swattagunas. “Many incarnation of God have come and gone but Guru Datta is immortal” (Sri Gulab Rao Maharaj).
        Lord Dattatreya is always present, everywhere at devotees’ remembrance as superYougi. He forgives devotees’ lapses. He does not differenciate between Cast, Religion, Language, Colour, Wealth and appeared in any form or dress. He looks to the Welfare of  His  Devotees’ not only for his material wants but also  for his spiritual wants. These are the main characteristics of this Deity.
        Other incernation such as Shri Ram, Shri Krishna etc. Have appired and disappired but not so with Lord Dattatreya. This incarnation has no end, it will stay so long as the Universe exists. It is, therefore, belived Lord Dattetreya exists even now and lives in India unseen by common man.
         It is said he takes his bath at Kashi (Varanasi), his food at Kohapur, and goes to sleep at Mahur inMaharastra. He is a super Yougi Avatar or incarnation. He is known as “Adi-Siddha” the First Siddha or Great  Yougi.
         Sri Dattatreya is said to have acquired a high status of Yoga and Philosophy by learning from Twenty Gurus, Found in Natural Surroundings such as Earth, Tree, Sky, Fire, Child, Bird, Fish etc, they were not the real Gurus but he assimilated whatever was good from them and hence they were termed as Gurus. For instance from the Mother Earth, he learned Endurance, from a child he learned to look at Insult or Resct with the same value.
         During Pouranic period he said to have taken sixteen Avtars. Lord Dattatreya is variously known as Dattatreya, Avdhut, Gurudutta, Datta etc.
         Lord Dattatreya is a apostole of Yoga, Mantra and Tantra. He written three books on thee Subjects. (1) Avadhuta Gita, (2) Jiwanmukta Gita, (3) Tripurarahasya.
         Lord Dattatreya had as His disciples (i) Sasashrarjuna, (ii) Kartavirya, (iii) Bhargava, (iv) Parsuram, (v) Yadu, (vi) Alark, (vii) Ayu, (viii) Prahalad.
         Prahalad attained Salvation through the path of devotion. Guru Datta is also famous to being “SMRITIRGAM” – One comes immediately whenever intensely remembered by the devotees. He is also known to be extremely kind. Such as Lord Dattatreya.
"Hari Om"